Unexpected light (in the middle) of the tunnel of the covid 19 crisis

Covid-19 has undoubtedly shaken us all up. It has brought death, a global economic crisis, bankrupt businesses, disruption of routines, lack of physical touch between friends, extended families and lovers to just name a few. A tiny and microscopical thing has changed the entire world as we know it, which puts a lot into perspective… Schools, restaurants, museums and beaches have all closed and offices sent their employees home for remote work, giving people no choice but to stay home. Nonetheless, this microscopical being has also brought unintended positive consequences.

With the decrease of planes flying and factories working, evidence has shown that the pollution on earth has dropped surprisingly fast, which has allowed the earth to breathe the freshest air it has in years – if not decade(s). This, consequently, has shed an even bigger spotlight on our environmental impact. Some scientists say that this, unfortunately, may come back just as quickly as soon as we pick up the economy again, when the virus goes away. But hopefully, now that we have seen the possibilities, we are all more aware of our everyday habits and economic activities, potentially leading to some positive change after the crisis subsides.

The quarantine has also allowed us to reconnect with ourselves. To pick up old hobbies, to cook that recipe we have been wanting to try for ages, to reconnect with old friends, to read more books, to look out our window and appreciate the little things in the view, to finally organize our closets and kitchen pantry, to reevaluate our careers and check if we are on the right path towards our goals. Being home has allowed us to rethink and reorganize our priorities in life, suddenly material things do not seem as important as being able to smell the fresh air of the ocean while holding hands, and having the latest phone does not seem to top having family and friends in the same room. But perhaps the most important thing we have been able to realize and learn from this experience has been that at the end of the day, weapons, military and money have not been our saviors in these hard times, but rather solidarity, collaboration and unity among the entire globe.

With these collaborations, we have also seen an endless number of organizations, movements and startups come together to fight this common monster. In a time when brands are more than just their products and services, and consumers also care about their values and mission, these have come up with all creative ways to give back. From raising or donating money for medical material, to pivoting their entire business mission to help fight the crisis.

This tiny and microscopical thing has forced us to rethink and see things from a different perspective. In Chinese, the word for “crisis” is often cited in Western motivational speaking as being composed of the two Chinese characters signifying “danger” and “opportunity.” Covid-19 has been devastating for some, but positively life-changing for others, it really all depends on how you look at it.

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