Tourism: 3 tips to improve your hotel’s communication and increase the number of bookings

The European Commission’s report on the impact of COVID-19 indicates that Portuguese tourism recorded a 61.3% decrease, in 2020, when compared to the same period of the previous year.

For the hotel industry, this change has resulted in 44 200 fewer overnight stays, which increases competition in the sector since all the players in the industry aim to get back on their feet and attract guests to its hotel units to reinvigorate its revenue and recover economically.

Therefore, we indicate 3 ways to improve the communication of a hotel unit at a time when the various players are trying to recover and attract guests:

1 — Develop public relations actions

Seasonality usually has an impact on hotel demand and revenue, so a communication strategy should include public relations actions that make the hotel unit more dynamic, publicise its offer and attract guests. Halloween or St. Martin’s Day are examples of two festivities that can be celebrated with themed dinners, launches or promotional packages.

2 — Communicate attractive news

Keeping the hotel at the top of mind of its consumers should be a constant concern. That said, communicating with the media about the creation of a new menu, package, rooms, or prizes received is always important. Not everything needs to be grandiose. What is essential is that communication is constant and meets the needs of your stakeholders and customers so that the hotel brand and unit does not fall into oblivion.

3 — Investing in storytelling

There are many hotels so, you need to keep in mind that what guests are looking for are experiences, stories, attractions that tempt them to stay and discover their surroundings. That said, storytelling is indispensable. Whether in influencer marketing or on the website, story and experience should be offered and highlighted.

In brief, what is not communicated is not known and it is only through a good reputation and attractive image that hotels can stand out from the competition and be present in the memory of their target. Public relations actions, the insertion of hotels in lists, the creation of a concept or a bet on influence marketing are just a few examples. If you want to know more or need help to turn your hotel into THE hotel, our square can help you. And remember: what is not communicated is unknown and what is unknown cannot be sold.

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