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This is our team

Sara Proença



From São Paulo (& Lisbon) to The Square….

Graduated in Business Administration from Universidade Técnica de Lisboa with a postgraduate degree in Communication and Marketing from the São Paulo University. Sara started as a financial analyst in capital markets, but her charismatic profile soon led her to the fields of Communication.

She worked at three renowned communication agencies, both in Portugal and Brazil, before launching The Square.

Married with a self-made man, Sara is the proud mother of three little girls, Clarinha, Mª Inês and Mª Madalena.  She is very close to her family and friends and highly committed to work.

Sofia Pereira

Senior PR Specialist


From Sintra to The Square….

Graduated in Communication Sciences from the Nova University. A natural entrepreneur, Sofia was in charge of the direction of a NGO and responsible for the launch of a cultural magazine, where she led a team of five people. Previously, she worked in 2 agencies, where she was responsible for the whole work with clients from a variety of specialties and fields, both in the public and private sectors.

Pragmatic and tremendously passionate about her job: it is not by chance that she has left great friends and excellent results in every client she has worked with.

Sara São Miguel

Senior PR Specialist


From the Azores to The Square….

Graduated in Business Administration from the University of Coimbra with a postgraduate degree in Marketing Management from Instituto Universitário de Lisboa. While studying, Sara spent 6 years in student associativism and started her career in PR with scientific communication. She has also worked at a sports federation and at a multinational video game company.

At The Square she focuses in tech and entrepreneurship. She is constantly surprised by the innovators that she meets. Sara quickly learned how to achieve great results: great discipline, humility, talent, persistence, passion and teamwork.

Beatriz Giestas

PR Specialist


From Torres Novas to The Square….

Beatriz graduated in Communication Sciences from NOVA University of Lisbon and worked for a tech startup. While in college, she was the Co-founder and President of her course’s Students Club. She was also a Faculty Ambassador.

Beatriz is very determined and has a strong sense of commitment towards every project she takes on. Always running not to let time slip away, music is her safe haven in most stressful times.

Matilde Ferreira

PR & Content Specialist


From Lisbon to The Square….

Graduated in Communication Sciences from the Nova University, Matilde started working in radio. She then entered the world of communication agencies to explore the magics of social media. Now, at The Square, she puts to work her know-how in social media together with media relations.

Very creative, Matilde soon started her love for storytelling by listening and telling stories inspired on children books. After these years, she has now gone straight to becoming fully digital in her reading habits.

Rosa Marreiros

PR Specialist


From Vila Nova de Mil Fontes to The Square….

Rosa is graduated in Communication Sciences from Nova University and has a postgraduation in Marketing Management from Universidade Técnica de Lisboa. For 3 years, she worked in a communication and marketing agency, where she realized that this area of communication is her passion.

Rosa can be described as very determined. She is passionate about her work and likes challenges. Her source of inspiration is the sea, maybe because she is from Vila Nova de Milfontes.

Raquel Alfredo

PR & Influencer Marketing Specialist


From Odivelas to The Square….

Graduated in Communication Sciences from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Raquel is taking her master´s degree in Public Relations. As a child, she wanted to be an actress, so she did theater for 10 years, including comedies and musicals. However, singing is not her strongest suit. She loves to study, especially anything related to history, politics, and culture. A real nerd, she would say.

Raquel is a resilient person, not giving up in the face of difficulties. For her, the more difficult the challenge is, the better.

João Abreu

PR & Content Specialist


From Cascais to The Square….

Graduated in Communication Sciences & Journalism from Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa. João’s teenage dream of becoming a war reporter was the propeller to his career in journalism. While studying, João had a podcast and a blog, both called Utópicos. He started his professional career as a journalist, where he closely followed the tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Portugal for two years.

João is always open to meet interesting people, especially entrepreneurs with insane ideas – Elon Musk, if you’re reading this, please do call him.

Rita Paulo

PR and Influencer Marketing Specialist


From Carregado to The Square….

Graduated in Public Relations and Business Communication from School of Communication and Media Studies, Rita is currently completing a master’s degree in Marketing and Advertising at Católica University. She always wanted to be an actress, but then realized she’s up to bigger challenges with PR.

Rita loves dogs, going to the beach and dancing. She´s a very communicative person, always has a good story to tell and makes all challenges more fun. She always wants to do more, better and bigger.

António Azevedo

Digital PR Specialist


From Macau to The Square….

Graduated from Public Relations and Business Communication from the School of Communication and Media Studies and completed a postgraduate degree in Marketing and Advertising. António has worked on many different fields of communication, from media relations to traditional advertising and even programmatic buying. Later, he joined a startup as a Digital Marketing Manager, where he helped grow the project.

Besides his work, Antonio is a gamer, foodie, and whenever possible, a tourist in new places

Isabel Taulé

PR Specialist


From Dominican Republic  to The Square….

Isabel graduated from Journalism with a focus on Public Relations and Advertising from Creighton University in the United States. Isabel has worked in public relations agencies in New York City and Los Angeles and has held other positions in PR in Omaha and Kansas City, in the United States. She has always been involved in the fashion and events industry as a hobby, having volunteered at Omaha Fashion Week, Kansas City Fashion Week, Lisbon Fashion Week, and was the events organizer at her university.

She moved to Portugal a year ago, the second time she moves overseas, and loves the challenges of new beginnings, meeting new people, and learning new languages.

Ana Pedro

Senior PR Specialist


From Caldas da Rainha to The Square….

Having begun her professional career as a journalist and editor in health, human resources and tourism publications, Ana has since been acting as a senior specialist in renowned communication agencies for the past 15 years, following the trail initiated by her graduation in Communication, from Universidade Técnica de Lisboa. Along the way, she has also managed communications and marketing departments in a non-governmental organization for development, a national innovation institute, and a software house, before joining The Square´s multidisciplinary team.

Upon completing 10 years as a piano student, her spare time is divided between her passions: art, travel and books.

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