5 tips and secrets at our agency: teamwork makes the dream work, cheesy but true.

The other day while at a meeting our CEO and founder, Sara Proença, said something along the lines of “we all bring a special skill to our Square, but when working together is when the magic happens. We are not half as valuable when working individually.”

Let us explain.

At The Square, we take pride in our people and the individuals that make up our Square, but we strongly believe that collaboration is what makes our work and services truly exceptional, which is why we have different team activities and ways to produce our work. We want to share them with you because again, we love collaboration.

Tip #1 — Buddy system with clients — two heads are always better than just one and having two team members fully immersed in a client helps unlock roadblocks, come up with new ideas, and provide the client with our availability at most times since if one of us is not available, the other one most likely always is.

Tip #2 — Different client buddies — along with the first tip, it is important to pair up with different team members. This comes with our previous statement, every one of our team members has different things to bring to the table. So aside from bringing new perspectives, creates collaborations across the entire team.

Tip #3 — Brainstorming sessions — because even though two heads think better than one, four or eight think even better! We hold regular brainstorming sessions with team members to come up with ideas for certain PR actions, influencer content, content marking ideas, or else.

Tip #4 — Our whole portfolio is our client — we share press releases with the whole team, this keeps us all in the loop about major news going on with each client. We are all assigned a book of clients, but all clients of The Square are everyone’s clients.

Tip #5 — Slack channels for different purposes — at The Square, we have various channels on Slack to share different content, for example, a clippings channel to share our major daily references, or a more general one to check up on specific journalists contact information.

As cheesy as it sounds, our secret sauce at The Square is our collaboration. What are some of your team tips for PR Pros?

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